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In the deep there is a greater deep, in the heights a greater
height. Sooner shall man arrive at the borders of infinity than at
the fullness of his own being. For that being is infinity, is God –
I aspire to infinite force, infinite knowledge, infinite bliss.
Can I attain it? Yes, but the nature of infinity is that it has no
end. Say not therefore that I attain it. I become it. Only so can
man attain God by becoming God.
But before attaining he can enter into relations with him,
To enter into relations with God is Yoga, the highest rapture &
the noblest utility. There are relations within the compass of the
humanity we have developed. These are called prayer, worship,
adoration, sacrifice, thought, faith, science, philosophy. There
are other relations beyond our developed capacity, but within
the compass of the humanity we have yet to develop. Those are
the relations that are attained by the various practices we usually
call Yoga.
We may not know him as God, we may know him as Nature,
our Higher Self, Infinity, some ineffable goal. It was so that Buddha
approached Him; so approaches him the rigid Adwaitin. He
is accessible even to the Atheist. To the materialist He disguises
Himself in matter. For the Nihilist he waits ambushed in the
bosom of Annihilation.

-‘Essays Divine and Human’, 1910-1950


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What we propose in our Yoga is nothing less than to break up the whole formation of our past and present which makes up the ordinary material and mental man and create a new centre of vision and a new universe of activities in ourselves which shall constitute a divine humanity or a superhuman nature.
Sri Aurobindo

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